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Young Monk

We met a lot of wise men before bringing to you our fresh and delicious aloe vera beverages. Some were unrealistic in their advices, some cliched and some extremely boring. One of them even asked us to ditch the idea completely. But while most of them left us unimpressed, there was one that left us wonderstruck. The young monk.

Young Monk was different from the many other monks that we had known. He was young, witty, awfully sarcastic and had just the right amount of quirk that we had been looking for. The way he spoke and behaved was chicer and more urban than any of us can ever be. Heck, he was catching up on a TV show when we first met him. He was so modern that our first impression of him was that he just took up monk-ship because his father asked him to. Don’t blame us, we’re a team of engineers after all. But boy were we wrong!

He spoke of all those things that we usually run away from – health, nutrition, fruits, nature, better choices and what not. Maybe it was in his way of putting it across that got us hooked. The Young Monk was traditional in his views and yet very contemporary in his ways. The Young Monk not only has the perfect balance of wisdom and style, but is also a trustworthy friend who motivates us to do better every day. “Why the scooter”, we asked him one day while seating below the banyan tree in our luxury cars, of course. “Because some things are better left unchanged.” And the swag with which he said it, we just knew he was our tribe for the good. The rest as they say, is history!



A refreshing mix with some fresh aloe vera pulp, because it takes two to mango!

Mango is the only reason we tolerate harsh summers and cry when they’re over. Old or young, mangoes have a special place in our hearts. If you are as impatient as the Young Monk to wait till the next batch of mangoes arrive, put your hands on this one and thank us later.


Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

If just the name of this flavor gives you a tingly taste of excitement, this one’s for you. When life gives you lemons… Well, the Young Monk already has his lemonade with aloe vera pulp in it and he looks pretty thrilled.


Aloe you Vera much, said one. Orange you a sweetheart, said the other.

This love story melts Young Monk’s heart. If there is one fruit that can make almost everyone happy, it’s orange. With a colour so vibrant and a taste so addictive, it’s a people-favorite almost all the time. And if you haven’t tried our twisty li’l orange juice with aloe vera pulp, you’re missing out on something ah-mazing!


Kokum is Young Monk’s favorite. He grew up eating it, so he almost bullied us when it came to selecting this flavor. It brings with it its unique zest and we have to admit; the taste grew on us too.

If healthy is what you’re looking for, there is not an option better than a delicious mix of some desi Kokum and some good ol’ aloe vera pulp.


Good things come in small packages and lychee is no different. A rich source of nutrients and with a taste so delicious, lychee is the ultimate summer fruit. The balance of lychee’s sweet and tart blended with aloe’s nutritive pulp will get you for its unique flavor.

Also, the Young Monk approves! Grab a sip.

Frequently asked questions

Young Monk doesn’t discriminate. We’ve made our drinks with love, care and lots of nutrition for school kids & collegians, working & retired professionals, househusbands & housewives, lazy bums & gym enthusiasts, and for everyone else who put Health on their priority list.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, honey! The Young Monk says start with baby steps and before you know it you’ll hop, skip and jump to a healthier you. Next time your colleagues order evening snacks, maybe you could pour in some Young Monk. Trust us, healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.

We mean all our drinks are healthier alternatives to most fruit juices available in the market. When you sip a Young Monk drink it will have upto 50% less sugar content than the last juice you picked up. Cross my heart!

Like rainbows and unicorns. Believe you me!

Absorbic acids, also known as Vitamin-C are in fact dietary supplements used in foods. They are water-soluble and are of general importance as an antioxidant, because of its high reducing potential. We use them to ensure that our drinks are safe for direct consumption.

To be honest, we hate these big, complicated words just as much you do. Thankfully, they’re harmless on the inside. Acidity regulator is again nothing but Vitamin-C, found essentially in all citrus fruits. They are pH control agents that maintain the goodness of the drink as it is intended to be. Stabilizers too are natural and isolated from plants. It is added to drinks to maintain consistency of our drinks. If it weren’t for them, our liquid drinks would become aloe vera gels by the time it reached you. We’re grateful for stabilizers!

Most of us do not meet recommended dietary guidelines. We’re eating lesser amounts of fruits and vegetables every day. When we say Young Monk is a healthful drink, we really want to make it one. Along with making a delicious aloe drink, we add extra vitamins and minerals to lower the risk of multiple deficiencies that result from several deficits in our daily diets.

Absolutely. Remember how our mothers tricked us into eating healthy foods by adding nutritive elements to our favorite dishes. She made an offer that we could not refuse, quite literally.

Adding extra vitamins and minerals to Young Monk is quite similar to that.

Hopefully, soon! We are currently selling only in Gujarat and will soon be available in other parts of the country. Keep checking this space for more.

Not too far from you. Keep an eye out for quirky Young Monk bottles at Convenience stores near you. You’ll find us, we aren’t too easy to miss.


We wish we were born out of someone’s kitchen on a rough summer evening where a sip of our childhood drink suddenly manifested itself as a business idea. We aren’t that cool, really. Tell you a boring secret? We were born out of – drumrolls please - Acceptance.

Acceptance of the fact that us millennials are probably not the best ambassadors for healthy foods and our lifestyle choices aren’t exactly bragworthy. To us, dadima ke nuskhe are very old school, and picking a can of juice is just too uncool.

Given our light-bulb moment of “acceptance”, some saw us as the crazy ones with the dullest eureka moment in the history of all eureka moments. But we saw genius. As cliched as it may sound, we wanted to make Healthy, the new Sexy! We truly believed that healthy does not have to mean complicated. So, we put our swag on and set sail to find the least complicated nutritive food items of all times. We did not have to look too far. No points for guessing, we fell for Aloe Vera - the greatest medicine mankind has ever known. Tell you what, it was love at first sight.

Let’s face it though, you can only be as good as your taste. And as far as the raw Aloe juice was concerned, we were certainly running the other way. Something told us you would too! We figured if we have delicious, low-sugar beverages that embrace the goodness of aloe while carrying the taste of your favorite fruits, you might like them better. So, we came up with a drink that’s new-age, is heaven to your taste, friend to your pocket and one that you’ll want to keep revisiting.

Everybody, welcome The Young Monk.

The Founding Team

The Young Monk is led by Keval Shah, the Founder of Fusinova Beverages. He has a background in Computer Engineering followed by an MBA degree in Marketing from IMT Ghaziabad. Keval is an expert in Operations Management and IT. At the moment, he looks over both of these portfolios at the company amongst the many other aspects of the business.

Pina Shah, the Co-Founder of Fusinova Beverages, is all about numbers and excellently manages financial matters for the business. Except when she has to pay for Young Monk’s Netflix account, she is not too thrilled about that.

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